Terms and Conditions: Amdavad National Bookfair-2016

  1. Booking of Space
    1.1 No application will be entertained after the last date of booking i.e.28th Nov 2018.
    1.2 In case of booking of Stalls by the exhibitor, the Organizer will provide duly constructed Stall with octonorm system having provision for display of books. Once the Stall is booked, no exhibitor will be allowed to withdraw their name or remove the structure of Stall(s). In case the Stall(s) is/are dismantled under any compelling need by the exhibitor, 50% of the Stall rent as penalty will be levied on the exhibitor.
    1.3 Exhibitors who do not pay the full amount or delay the payment, can be excluded from the Fair even after admittance.
    1.4 Exhibitors opting for open Space will be responsible for the construction and dismantling of Stall(s). The construction of Stalls must have adequate and proper provision for display of books.
    1.5 Exhibitor is not permitted to sublet the items provided to them by the Organizer to third party. The Exhibitor is obliged to keep the items in their immediate possession and only to use them on their exhibition area.
    1.6 The maximum height for Stall construction on open Space is 12 feet. Exhibitor should not cross the permitted limit while constructing their Stalls on Open Space. In case of violation of this limit, the Organizer reserves the right to remove the construction at the cost of the exhibitor and the penalty imposed by the AMC on this account will be borne by the concerned exhibitor. In case of non-adherence to any of the approved guidelines/plans, penalty as decided by AMC shall be imposed per violation.
    1.7 Removal of panel between two or more Stalls is not permitted even if any exhibitor has booked its Stall under different names and wishes to club them into one.
    1.8 Indian language publishers have to provide a copy of PAN Card (mandatory) for availing discounted rental rate.
    1.9 No Open Space will be provided to the exhibitor who has not opted for the same in the Application Form.
    1.10 Efforts will be made to provide Stalls to the exhibitors in the indicated category but the Organizer have the right to modify or provide Stalls in some other category.
    1.11 Exhibitor is obliged to allow the Organizer and its service partners to see and check their Stall and items at any time.
  2. Assignment/Subletting
    Without the Organizer’s prior consent in writing, no exhibitor will transfer, sublet or share with or without payment all or part of their allotted space or item within the Fair.
  3. Withdrawal/Cancellation
    3.1 Once booking of the Stall is made by an exhibitor, the same cannot be cancelled or altered under any circumstances. No refund of rental will be made or adjusted against any other forthcoming Fair under any circumstances.
    3.2 Exhibitors will be deemed to have withdrawn if for any reason whatsoever they fail to take possession of the allotted Stall/open Space within 24 hours from the date of inauguration of the Fair. The Organizer may, therefore, dispose the unoccupied space and the said exhibitors will have no right to claim a refund or compensation even if the space is allotted to other exhibitors.
  4. Terms of Payment
    Online Payment via secured encrypted payment gateway while doing online booking or Payment through Demand Draft/Pay Order in favour of “Municipal Commissioner,Ahmedabad’, payable at Ahmedabad. Such payment should be immediately communicated to the AMC with documentary proof for confirmation of booking.
  5. Allotment of Space
    Allotment of Stalls/Open Space shall be made by a computerized draw of lots. Allotment letters will be intimated to the exhibitors in advance via email and it will also be notified on the Fair website.
  6. Possession and Vacation
    Exhibitors will be given possession of the Stalls at 12:00 p.m. on 22th Nov 2018. The Stands/Stalls may not be dismantled prior to the official breakdown period, that is, on the last day of the Fair. Exhibitor will however, be obligated to vacate their exhibition space in full, prior to the end of the breakdown period. 
Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation, Mahanagar Seva Sadan,
Sardar Patel Bhavan,Danapith, Ahmedabad-380001, Gujarat